Welcome to the Rise of the Fallen campaign!

It has been more than five centuries since the Summit of Argos was held… the Year of Unification, to end the war that had decimated much of the world. Today, the nations of men, elves, eladrin, and dwarves live in relative peace—at least militarily. The Senate is the new battlefield, politics the new arsenal, and the ambitious need only to charm the people for their chance at power.

Monsters roam the untamed lands, their attacks on civilization have seen a slight increase recently, and piracy on the seas has been an ongoing problem, but most common folk live a peaceful life… Completely unaware of the whispers in the night that plot against them, or the fell abominations with grand sweeping plans for the realm of mortals.

‘Rise of the Fallen’ embodies many things: Redemption, Renewal, Victory, but also Vengeance, Betrayal… and Death.

Rise of the Fallen is a Dungeons Dragons 4e campaign taking place on the homebrew world of Aiunar. It has several key elements taken from Blizzard Entertainment’s “World of Warcraft” MMORPG, but no previous experience in this world is necessary, nor is the world intended to be “D&D in WoW”.

The PCs start out in Algeth Valley; a verdant, forested vale nestled amongst the curving Frostpeak Mountain range. Life is simpler here, but even so the people living in the valley see trouble from time to time. It’s the perfect place for a new group of adventurers to be groomed up by none other than the Brightstar Adventurer’s Guild, a well-known, well-liked organization devoted to those of the adventuring lifestyle, and they’ve put out the call for adventurers to head to the village of Southglen. Will you answer?

The campaign is intended to take the players’ characters to epic levels within the D&D 4th Edition ruleset, and meets at Jon’s place, every other Wednesday opposite Jon’s current Wednesday game. The first session took place on July 30th, 2008. Note that the campaign is currently on hiatus until player scheduling issues can be worked out.

DISCLAIMER: This campaign is based strongly off of Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft game, and as a result, this website hosted by Obsidian Portal utilizes ideas, concepts, characters, names, places, images, etc. (hereafter referred to as “Materials”) found within World of Warcraft. All copyrights held by respective owners. Use of these Materials is done without permission of any kind, but is not intended as a challenge to any copyrights or trademarks in any way. No claim to copyright over any of the Materials is intended or implied.

This campaign, and indeed this website hosted by Obsidian Portal, is meant only as an homage to the Materials and their respective authors.

Rise of the Fallen