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Welcome to the Rise of the Fallen wiki!

This wiki is designed to be player-oriented, and describe the places, organizations, and other information the party has encountered. It will continue to be expanded as the party encounters more of the campaign, and should serve as a repository for all the background information the party should wish to track.

The Party

Referred to (by some) as Ri’s Roustabouts (and strangely uncontested by the party), the members of the party are currently as follows (in alphabetical order):

About the World

The Rise of the Fallen campaign takes place on a planet called Aiunar. There are at least two continents, Vherandor and Kerguhl. The adventure started in Algeth Valley, an area on the continent of Vherandor.

History and the Reckoning of Time



Regions of Vherandor

  • Algeth Valley – A quiet valley of green hills and scattered forests, isolated from the world and very peaceful.
  • Braeden Prairie – The vast golden fields and plains of the human nation of Stormgarde.
  • Frostpeak Mountains – High, snow-covered mountains that are home to the dwarves of Forgeheart.
  • The Gloomvale – Once a nation of humans and elves, this now haunted forest is plagued by eternal gloom.
  • Kyuri Marshlands – Temperate marshlands of moving water and small halfling settlements.
  • Vhargoth Wastes – Sickly gray rock with the occasional patch of brackish, yellow water; a desolate wasteland.

Regions of Kerguhl

  • Durom Tor – Orange sandstone rock formations, sparse vegetation, and a harsh arid clime make this the perfect hiding place—if you can survive it.


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