Crimson Vipers


Khoth-na was the leader of the Crimson Vipers until he and his band were defeated.


Current: None, defeated.
Previously: Cave somewhere in northern Algeth Valley.


Current: None.
Previously: Some dozen or so human bandits.


Defeated, disbanded.

This small band of thieves and bandits was operating out of northern Algeth Valley, and also ranged into southern Kyuri Marshlands. They would attack travelers through the halfling marshlands, as well as travelers coming to and from Algeth Valley. Hired by a mysterious person identifying themself only as SD, this group was hired to assassinate Rieta’s grandfather, but she does not know why.

This band of thieves is now defunct, ceasing to exist when the party hunted them down as requested by Brann Delgas.

Crimson Vipers

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