The founder of the Helion Knights, and a legendary knight of old.


Galthurion was the legendary Paladin of Pelor famed for founding the Helion Knights. A veteran of the Orc Wars, he was already a legendary knight and general who led the soldiers and troops engaging in direct assault against the Orcish Horde while the adventurers the mortal realms assassinated the orcish generals, he was known for leading his mean into the suicide missions he was asked to command, and yet having an incredible rate of survival in spite of the odds. He truly inspired his men, and he cared deeply about each and every one of them, and while his boldness and bravery in battle were unmatched, he also was careful not to execute strategies and maneuvers that would lead to undue harm to his men.

Victorious in the Orc Wars, the next year he decided to take up any of his drafted soldiers who wished to continue to serve, train them in the light, and founded the order he called the Helion Knights in 330 AU (5511 E3).

For more than two decades, he led the Helion Knights to glory and battle, righteously defending all the people, and not just those that had enough money to pay them. Then, while undertaking a quest, he disappeared mysteriously, and was never heard from again. Years later, it was presumed he had died on that fateful but mysterious mission.

Current Status: Missing, presumed dead.
Location: Unknown.


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